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What We Learned At Y Combinator Startup School

HEY- Grow the F&@!%ck Up and Build a Company Already..

I know, I know. why so dramatic and what's up with the crazy headline? Well, for starters building a successful company that MAY actually work is nothing short of Schizophrenia tinged with a few doses of paranoia topped off with nights of restlessness = your local neighborhood entrepreneur lol. (he's been drinking coffee non-stop for 3 days straight - SEE BELOW LOL)

So, why do it then? Cuz it's f@!%&cking amazing to build something from scratch that actually solves a problem and get paid for it! (saying that just took a lot of energy -n- I may need a nap after this lol) There's levels to the game and you have to show up in each quarter because the stakes are always high no matter what they tell you.

Okay - so, what is Y Combinator Startup School and who came up with that 'unique' (coughing turning into vomit lol) name? It's an online 10-week program that is life changing for any entrepreneur serious about building their business with tons of support and resources along the way. Quite simply, the YC SUS program is a game changer - point blank. The name thing I don't know, but it's better that 'Papa Johns' cuz I don't want pizza from some guy that's not my dad who probably didn't wash his freekin' hands (alright let's focus lol).

YC's online startup school is an intense 10-week bootcamp of weekly calls, top notch videos by founders, investors, alum, and a slew of awesome individuals offering real-life accounts of day to day strategies for success. As a actorpreneur, accountability is your friend which will then introduce you to your bestie - momentum. Through a series of mandatory weekly updates, resource videos, forum responses, and weekly calls I went from wearing onesies to big fat overalls real quick (0 to 100 in Drake voice) lol.

BGNY is a custom built social job board with complex logic and functionality. Every week I set 5-10 development milestones to be completed. Honestly, writing logic drives me batsh!@%t crazy, but it's exhilarating as hec to watch the ship being built.

While building is essential, what's even more important is consistently speaking with potential future customers. THIS IS BIG. Gaining valuable customer insight is key - so I did what I was told, scheduled phone calls, sent cold emails, and took notes 24/7. (forgot my notebook one time and wrote bullet points on my hand - tru' story lol) I learned about employers pain points, dislikes, user-experience expectations, and overall how to make their lives easier - BINGO.

Last, but certainly not least, the competition. Who's out there gettin' their Chef' Curry on while we're tryin' to Lebron' the game fo' real? This is super important because it provided us a blueprint of what the 'others' are doing and helped us gain insight into future trends as well. Overall, the Y Combinator Startup School has made me a better founder in every aspect and I HIGHLY recommend the program for all budding entrepreneurs - just have on-demand coffee and an occasional therapist handy lol!

Launching Early 2019!

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