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Unemployed? Puhleeeeze! I'm on Hiatus M’kaaaaaaaaay!

It's hard. Soaking in the bright lights of the camera. Feeling the engagement of the audience from a theater in the round performance and then… nothing. Complete silence. Painful silence. As a performing artist we are so innately wired to seek and live within our creativity - that without it we feel empty.

The route of an artist cannot be found on Google Maps because the vision we seek is intuitively engineered in our minds. What happens when life decides to delete our hard drive or we forget to backup our multi-faceted terabyte ton of data? We can either kick rocks or whoop life’s ass with a helluva right hook (my personal favorite).

Here are few ways to leverage your Between Gigs New York network flawlessly:

First order of business, connect with your network ASAP (that means now amigo!). We implemented a ‘Network Only’ option on Between Gigs New York because leveraging your network is by far more effective than applying to a ton of part-time jobs - a personal referral will always beat out a restless resume sitting inside a crowded inbox. What if you’re just not ready to deal with potential employers yet, i.e., need to brush up your resume, gotta hit the gym to de-stress, finishing out a show before unemployment really hits, and getting a top-notch video resume together all takes loads of time and energy.

Secondly, you want the homie hookup - nothing wrong with that lol. If you could land an amazing gig or part-time job without an endless schedule of interviews followed by emailing 3,247 resumes to ‘Gary, the Recruiter’ than by all means - GO FOR IT!

Last, but not least - promote your talent! Tell people what you do, how great you are at it, and that you’re ready to spread your wings toward new opportunities.


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