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This ‘Job’ thing is driving me crazy!

The truth is, if we could have it our way - all we would do as performing artists and creatives is do what we’re passionate about ALL DAY LONG. Just one problem. What happens when your passion doesn’t = dollars? This is the harsh reality many of us face when trying to engineer tangible strategies on how NOT TO DISRUPT our creative life while ‘stacking’ that paper’ with a side gig or part-time job to pay the bills.

One way to remain true to yourself while pursuing your dreams, but having to ‘work’ is to land an opportunity that compliments your creative skills. Let’s focus on your all too ‘ignored’, yet valuable transferable skills. Usually, these are soft skills that you ‘transfer’ from job to job.

What the heck is a transferable skill you might ask? Good question. As a performing artist or entertainment professional you have tons of these and may be undervalued in your current role or selling yourself short in your job search.

Check out this list below - if you can claim at least 5 of these skills drop everything and book the first cruise out to the Bahamas asap! (ok, don’t actually do that - you need a job first lol)

  • Communication skills (do you know your alphabet and important vowels, lol just kidding)
  • Tech savvy (ability to turn on PC -n- press 'Enter' three times)
  • Coachable (similar to a sobriety test at 230 in the morning lol)
  • Teaching and creativity
  • Team player (leaving a 'surprise' in the coffee pot at work for the morning meeting - DON'T DO THIS!)
  • Detail oriented
  • Project management
  • Public speaking (cussing your family out at the family reunion - OMG)
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Sociable (staring at the person across from you on the subway for 15 minutes before saying hello - Weirdo, again DON'T DO THIS lol)

Now, this is just a short list as there’s a few others out there, but you get the gist. In today’s hiring universe (especially when seeking out creatives) employers aren’t just looking for IQ, there also placing tons of value on soft skills (i.e., that little list of stuff above) and EQ (or emotional intelligence) which is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups. THIS IS BIG.

Although, we keep hearing that robots and AI are taking over the world, performing artists and creatives are tasked to do that one ‘thing’ that every human being needs - to feel. For example, have you ever had to call customer support and ended up in the ‘Queue’ only to be spoken to by an automated voice, aka, ‘Betsy the Robot’? As ‘Betsy’ responds to your questions or requests you become increasingly frustrated because ‘Betsy’ cannot display any ‘Emotion’ audibly and the pace of the discussion is ridiculously unnatural.

Well, next thing you know you’re cussing out the latest AI technology lol, sounding something like ‘Betsy, you’re a f@%!cking dumbass!!’. Your EQ is a unique undeniable valuable asset that separates you from the rest because as performing artists we rely on this section of our brain’s neighborhood to navigate our daily lives, analyze scripts, interpret relationships, and ultimately guide us.

So, when seeking your ‘creative employment’ of choice remember the awesome list of skills you bring to the table - and let them know to ’SHOW YOU THE MONEY’!


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