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This City is Crazy, But I Love it!

Performing artists are an amazing breed of humans. They consistently head out into the world knowing that the statistics are real - about only 2-3% of us ‘make it’. That’s a hell of a fight. Can you imagine walking into a room full of hopefuls with signs on the walls reading ‘Look around, by the end of the month only 2-3% of you will have food to eat’. I know. I know. That was a bit harsh lol, but there are sooooooooo many actors going after the dream - so LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!

Money. Yeah, I know you didn’t wanna' talk about that right now, but let’s just get that outta’ the way. NYC is FREAKIN’ expensive. The cost of living is a never ending therapy session of what resembles modern day warfare at the psych ward lol.

Here’s a monthly cost breakdown of what it takes to survive in the Big Apple..

  • Average rent in NYC - $2000/3000 (ya' might need about 17 roommates for this lol)
  • Utilities - $200 +
  • Metrocard (Public Transportation) - $127 (biking could save u a few bux!)
  • Headshots - $300 +
  • Acting Workshops - $250 + 
  • Gym Membership - $50 + (gotta' stay sexy for the gram' (IG) man lol)
  • Cell Phone - $40 +
  • Food - $300 +
  • Clothes - $50 (hit the thrift shop!) (check out this really cool thrift shop!)
  • Entertainment - $100
  • Quarterly Union Dues (SAG Members) - Depends on work history
  • Healthcare - (Could be through SAG or Independently) - Depends (easy - just don't get sick aiight)
  • Incidentals - $100

How do you balance a check book or build an emergency fund without any auditions in the last 3 months? As you can see from your expenses above, the value a platform like BetweenGigsNY provides is priceless while bridging the gap for performing artists looking not only for their next industry gig, but also for part-time creative employment opportunities to sustain their careers. SUSTAIN is the keyword here. We need consistent MOOLA to fuel and sustain (I just love this word lol) our creative careers.

Last, but not least - it’s who you know. Does hard work count? Yes. Can grit and determination help you reach your goals? Of course. So, why do I need to network so much?

Great question.

Ain’t nothin’ better than a good ole' old fashioned Hookup lol. The truth is nepotism isn’t necessarily okay, but not really unethical. What does that mumbo jumbo mean? What it means is that for all the acting classes, voice workshops, writing courses, and off Broadway shows you’ve done - ONE little phone call from a power player in the industry that you made a great impression upon can whisk you away into the ‘Promise Land’.

So network, make connections, and smooze your butt off.

Till' next time!


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