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The term 'Blind Date' Will Have a Whole New Meaning Lol..

Most Popular Words in 2020 - 'Air Filtration and Social Distancing' Lol

Its been a while yoooooooo! Yet, I thought it might be the perfect time to talk. Families across the country and throughout are suffering. Hundreds of lives everyday are being lost or dramatically effected by this pandemic due to the COVID19 virus. A lot has happened since we last spoke. What you might ask? Hmmmm - well let’s see. There’s been a new world order (at least what it feels like) put in place and we can no longer touch other humans (unless they’re our children or spouse), must wear several versions of ‘protective’ face gear..err I mean a face mask, wipe down all counters/tables/grocery bags with lysol wipes, remain 6 feet apart at all times in public places (easier said than done), stay sane while losing your job (hopefully we’ve supplied some solid employment resources for you guys!), do virtual yoga - oh, last but not least, THERE IS NO CURE AS OF YET. For those in the NYC area, please reference these testing resources and information.

I know, I know. Take a breath. Honestly, its been a whirlwind. Some folks are still waiting on a ‘Stimulus Check’ that only seems to stimulate more anger about the whole situation in the first place. I mean c’mon - this is NYC and $1200 dollars doesn’t even cover my freekin’ rent!

Oh, and how does Broadway go back to normal? Does the entertainment industry have to reinvent itself all over again? Will stage actors have to perform in a full hazmat suit (obviously no autographs allowed lol)? Will 90% of the industry become webisodes, podcasts, etc?

How do we go back to the way it was? Interestingly enough, maybe the ‘way it was’ wasn’t so normal after all. Maybe companies could’ve provided more work/life balance all along and you wouldn’t have to hop on a crazy-ass NYC train every morning where some weirdo is staring at you with reckless abandon.

We’ve hurt a lot. We’ve cried a lot. Yet, we’re in a place where the learning curve has pushed our intellectual capacity exponentially - and I believe this will make us stronger than ever.

Actors and performers reach out to us all the time asking about different employment opportunities available, resources that we may know of, etc and we want to take this opportunity to say to you ‘DO NOT GIVE UP’.

Tough situations don’t last, tough people do.

Between Gigs Jobs has your back. Love you guys and we will get through this together!

- Steven Leon

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