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Slow Hires? Employers’ Ain’t Got Time Fa’dat!

The challenge is real. Employers have deadlines to meet and milestones to hit which can complicate the hiring process a bit. For example, an arts ed organization may have to replace a teaching artist in the middle of the season due to an unforeseen emergency or more realistically - a last minute audition on Broadway as the career path of a performing artist is ever-changing and unpredictable.


What about a casting office looking to bring on an amazing assistant right before signing on to cast several huge projects? How do creative organizations make quality hires with less time on their hands when searching for talent within the performing arts community?

Two main issues for employers caught in the slow hiring conundrum:

  • a slow hiring process allows the competition to snag up top tier talent
  • loss of revenue and productivity due to open vacancies is never a good thing

How Do We Solve This?

First, Between Gigs New York has implemented video resumes for candidates on the platform to provide employers a personalized user experience to assess cultural fit, personality, and overall presence. This is really important as the cost of a bad hire can be catastrophic to the tune of $7K - $10K (according to which can have a negative impact on growth, company culture, and set an organization back a bit.

Secondly, we’re at the forefront of establishing a creative talent community to reduce employers’ cost per hire which is one of the most effective strategies when looking to implement efficiency in the hiring process. Referrals make up 45% of new hires and applications which is right down our alley as candidates on the platform will be able to refer and recommend opportunities to their connections. This is a key element we wanted to encourage on the platform as performing artists and creatives thrive on community support.

Last, spying on potential candidates on social media is a must lol. Did I say spy? Ok, bad choice of words..let’s say ‘skim’ their Linkedin or Facebook account to look for any questionable content or ‘Red Flags’, i.e., - ‘I feel like shooting my last boss, maybe next weekend after brunch’ - safe to say we’re probably going to pass on Mr. Crazy lol. Candidate profiles on Between Gigs will display social media links for employers to check out and reference freely.

Alrighty, till next time and look forward to working together soon!


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