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Sharing is Caring Folks! Swing by for Some Castings!

Creativity is our lifeblood. We crave it. We need it. And like the great (and sometimes crazy as hell) Spike Lee once mumbled ‘She's Gotta have It!’ lol. Content is king - and if that’s the case, me, you, and ‘The King’ (no not Lebron) need to hang out a little bit more. Agents and managers are awesome, but nothing beats a hookup or industry referral.

When we receive the inside scoop on a potential audition or upcoming project from a confidant or industry peer there’s a level of exclusivity that exists. It’s between two friends (or 3 whatever floats your boat lol) - career defining or game-changing information can make a huge difference in the life of a performing artist.

Between Gigs New York provides a safe and creative space to share auditions, castings, and promote yourself to a supportive community. You can even comment, like, and contact whoever posted it for a few more details which we felt was an important component to the community. Performing artists are in a constant motion of seeking information - whether it’s the latest casting notice or great paying part-time job!


Here are a couple of casting opportunities you might find your fellow creatives sharing and posting in the Between Gigs NY community. See below!


  • Indie Memphis and Director Barry Jenkins seeking African American screenwriter - $7500 + round trip travel accommodations - go here!
  • Dancers! Amazing dance auditions throughout the US - see details here!
  • Music Under New York (MTA MUSIC) is holding auditions for visual and performing artists - check it out!
  • Stride Casting Company seeking Background Talent for new Michael Keaton and Stanley Tucci film ‘What is Life Worth’ - submit here.

See ya' and look forward to you Signing up!


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