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Party Time!! Private Candidate Invitations Coming Soon!

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for - Between Gigs Jobs will be open to candidates starting this week! I know, I know..well it’s about freekin' time lol. There were a few snags along the way and still some things getting patched up. The site is very raw and basic, but will provide performing artists and creatives an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, share resources, post & share events/castings, and apply to some pretty awesome part-time jobs.

Okay, so…who’s hiring bruh? Glad you asked lol. A diverse group of companies have signed up and posted jobs already (7 to be exact) looking to hire for roles ranging from teaching artists, voice-over talent, an artistic director, and even an online language teacher.

So, how does this exactly work - I just send off my resume to employers right? Nah, not exactly. First things first, if your joining us a candidate COMPLETE YOUR PROFILE IN FULL, i.e., add a profile & header image, add contact info (your number will only be seen by employers), social media links, add experience/education/job & transferable skills, select the type of employment you’re looking for (part-time or remote work), and add a resume & video (can be a video introducing yourself or example of your work). This will allow employers to gain a full sense of your skills, who you are, and if you’re a great fit for the role.

See a role that makes you go ‘Yes, I want to do that!’? Here’s how it works. Go to the jobs page, scroll job postings, click into the desired post, read the description, and click the ‘Contact Employer’ button to send a message. This will automatically place you as a new applicant for the role and give an employer the opportunity to review your profile.

Want to gain an edge over other candidates? Easy. ADD A VIDEO! Seeing is believing. A video provides employers an ‘inside look’ into your skillset and personality. REMEMBER - be professional and fun at the same time. Nobody wants to see you doing something like the guys from MTV’s ‘Jackass’ lol.

A few of you have already started receiving invites to the site and super grateful for your patience, support, and positivity as we build on the Between Gigs Jobs experience. Send us feedback, suggestions, or just say ‘Hi’ at:


All right peeps, gotta go and ‘We respect your hustle’!!

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