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Keep that dream alive big Poppa, cuz they can’t stop ya’!

Nice headline, but kinda’ corny. True lol, but you’re still reading so..UR WELCOME Lol. It just shouldn’t be this hard for an artist to pursue, strategize, implement, and conquer. Yet, somehow millions of hopefuls get caught in the cracks or stuck in the cycle of a never ending game - which isn’t a game at all because LIFE IS NO LAUGHING MATTER. Between Gigs will be right there supporting you in the trenches as you expand your network of creatives and search for a part-time employment opportunity to uniquely fit your career.

How did we get here in the first place? Maybe mom and dad were involved in the theater and your creative bug inbred or crazier yet - did you consciously seek out the most arduous challenge in the world only comparable to the marines or the unknown initiations to be knighted a dark web hacker lol? Performing artists are fighters point blank. Stages are swarmed with charismatic footsteps displaying infinite formations (also known as Blocking lol), sets are littered with budding Hollywood wannabes & players, night clubs buy celebrities for a handsome appearance fee (more like walk in n out for $10K while vaping lol), and rags to riches stories seem to continuously creep out of the woodworks.

‘Cant’ stop, won’t stop’ in the famous words of 90’s philosopher P Diddy Do’Right Combs lol. As crazy as it may sound and even knowing that the odds of us making an actual living as a performing artist is less than 2% - we still press on. So, besides providing flexible part-time jobs Between Gigs invites creative candidates to share & post castings, industry events, and promote their work on the platform because although you might ‘Need a job’ you also gotta ‘live the dream’ and we want you to win reaaaaaaaaal baaaaaaad.

We’ve received tons of emails from actors, writers, costume & graphic designers, and more that desperately need to find a flexible or part-time job RIGHHHHHT NOW because time is of the essence. If you’re looking to be a part of an awesome community of like-minded artists and creatives seeking resources and support SIGNUP NOW!

We hate goodbyes lol..LAUNCHING SOON!

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