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‘Where the hell have you been!? Just chillin..’

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Oh really now? We know it’s been a while since we wrote you, but dang it’s been a little intense in the lab folks lol - to say the least. 2am email battles with our developer (we’re best buds don’t worry lol) and some really hard decision making has made us truly appreciate the path of the actorpreneur.

Since we last poured our souls to you it has been a whirlwind of events and so many upgrades to BetweenGigsNY. First, we want to thank all of you who have diligently completed our Creative Questionnaire letting us know what type of part-time work you’re looking for and the unique skillsets you possess.

For the few actors who cussed us out cuz they need a part-time gig like yesterday (it was more like 20 or so lol) just bear with us a little while longer and you won't be disappointed!

We’re glad to announce that we have received over 500+ requests from actors, performing artists, and industry creatives to be part of our early beta launch! This is really exciting and nerve racking at the same time lol.

That being said, we’ve made 3 major improvements to our MVP. Check it out yo!

  • detailed notification dropdown for real-time engagement
  • matching algorithm to give you the best part-time job opportunities available in NYC
  • network only option for actors just looking to network and make connections with other creatives (not looking for a job)
  • ability to leave likes and comments on casting or promotional gigs

So, what the heck does this all mean? Great question. It means your time on Between Gigs NY will be fun and efficient. The new matching algorithm will provide you with ‘Best Matches’ when it comes to part-time jobs that compliment your unique skillset. Our networking only option is for creatives that aren’t particularly looking for work right now, but would like to expand their network and make meaningful connections. The detailed notification dropdown provides real-time info as gigs and connection requests are made. Last, but not least, being able to like and comment on casting or promotional gigs adds an element of fun and community that’s always a positive.

Ok, ok , already - when can I login?! Not yet, LOL - but soon. We’re just clearing up a few bugs and will be open for business in a jiffy. It’s been a long journey of sleepless nights, speed reading articles at 3am, lemon water for breakfast (literally lol!) - yet every bit of it has been worth it - because you’re worth it.

Thanks again for trusting us as we build the next generation platform for actors and entertainment creatives - Between Gigs New York.


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