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Get Your Video Resume Ready Babyyyyyy!

So, this is a game changer. A social job board for performing artists where they get to strut their beautiful faces and Godly features while effortlessly articulating their amazing array of creative skillsets all ON-CAMERA!


According to industry experts 89% of employers stated that they would view resume videos to get a feel for a candidates personality, presence, and presentational skills - which is very hard to assess via a piece of really fancy paper. The truth is video has a tremendously better conversion rate no matter the industry or medium, so basically most employers or recruiters WANT TO SEE YOUR AWESOME FACE!

Few tips on creating an awesome video resume:

  • Create a draft or script. This should be right down your alley lol. Use concrete examples and be specific about what you’ve done, achievements, etc. Don’t use loose or vague language, i.e., ‘I’m very sociable’ lol - let’s assume you already are.
  • Who’s your audience? Are you seeking opportunities as a teaching artist? Then express the strengths that an arts education organization would place value on, i.e, managing classrooms of 15+ students, creating and teaching creative writing curriculums, etc. What problem can you solve and how would you add value to the team? HUGELY IMPORTANT.
  • Keep it short. Probably a minute or so as attention spans these days can seem non-existent lol. Engage your viewer and get to the point!
  • Look presentable. This is a no-brainer. DO NOT record yourself in pajamas, a bathing suit, or your Birthday suit lol - business casual usually is a safe bet.
  • Proper tools for the job. Are you using the latest iPhone or android to record? Awesome. Is that your father’s camcorder from 1977? Shame on you, put that down before it’s too late! Remember quality comes first!
  • Practice tongue twisters. Rehearse your script as many times as needed to articulate clearly and sound confident about your achievements. Basically, ‘Whoooosa’ it out and do some yoga lol.
  • Drop links. Mention any relevant links that employers want to check out to gain insight - portfolios, resume, and/or social media channels.
  • Last, but not least - be yourself! They’re gonna love you!

Wait..but, what about my resume? I know. I know. It hurts a little bit that you spent hours, if not weeks, to add or edit all of this beautiful looking information onto this document and at the end of it all - a potential employer mutters, ‘So, can I see a quick video or what?’. Do resumes still matter? Yes. Do resume videos work better? Yes. Which one do I choose then? Yes - I mean both lol.

The name of the game is personalization - as a performing artist or actor (aka, an entertainment industry professional extraordinaire) you know this part of the game all too well and instinctively know this will leave an unforgettable impression on a recruiter’s mind - much more than your sh’mansi resume.

Till' next time!

Launching early 2019!

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