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New York City is where it's at..

It's 2019. The days of working for the same company for 20 years are long gone and archaic. An even crazier idea surfaced some time ago - 'software is eating the world alive!' was the mantra of many. If computers take our jobs eventually ruling modern day society - then where do we go and what do we do?

Let's back up a second, aka, ('hold up..waymenit' lol). What jobs are we talking about? As a performing artist - how in the name of Bugs Bunny will a computer take my job? Will androids make up the majority of talent in a Broadway show? Will I find out during a meeting that my manager or agent is a 'Bot'? The truth is that careers within the performing arts or - those of a creative nature bring a new level of uncertainty that even the most durable of individuals have a hard time navigating. When you're hot you're hot and when you're not..betta' go get ya' ass a blanket lol.

Why did we name the darn thing 'Between Gigs in New York'? Good question. Our focus landed on the Big Apple due to the rising costs of living, ferocious competition for roles/gigs, and the demand we heard from so many of our creative colleagues to build something. Well, we're building our butts off and feel great about it! We conducted over 300+ user surveys alone in the NYC area where 80% of respondents revealed they were either unemployed or between-gigs. Landing your next role - whether on stage, in front of the camera, remote work, or a part-time job will be as easy as 1-2-3 on the Between Gigs platform.

As a candidate (performing artist or creative) you'll be able to create a simple profile, search for industry professionals, connect with other creatives, add an intro-video, promote your services and talent, and contact employers. BGNY (our street name on the web lol - similar to 'Young Thug', but real name is Stanley lol) won't just serve as a portal to access gigs or flexible employment opportunities, but a positive support system offering tons of resources.

So, all in all, we're here to make sure that you're BOOKING, WORKING, and SOCIALIZING your butt off!


Oh yeah, check out Craig below lol..

Launching early 2019!

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