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‘Employers..Indeed is Wack. We Got Your Back!’

Habits are a hard thing to break. As an employer, choosing a job board can be quite daunting. Why you ask? Great question. CUZ THERE’S SO MANY DARN JOB BOARDS! This one claims it has the best candidates. Another one mutters it will reduce time to hire. Oh and the best one we’ve heard yet - ‘We give you the best bang for your buck’. Yeah right lol - the only thing that will be banging is your head against the wall as you deal with all the ‘garbage’ (said with a slight French accent lol) when dealing with ‘Universal’ job boards.

What’s a ‘Universal Job Board’ anyhow? Glad you asked. It’s like going to a nightclub, paying the admission fee, having a few drinks, and when the lights come on - everyone is there..AND I MEAN EVERYONE - your mother is dancing with a hot young stallion, dad’s hangin’ at the bar, your aunt Sally is doing the electric slide, somehow your rare chihuahua is chasing after the bouncer, and last but certainly not least - your former boss is hungover doing the Fortnite dance on top of a pool table wearing a Hello Kitty bathrobe. Don’t can happen.

Between Gigs New York is a niche social job marketplace for companies and organizations looking to hire performing artists, actors, teaching artists, and tons of creatives actively seeking part-time employment opportunities within the NYC metropolitan area, as well as, flexible remote work.

Why are we better?

Easy. First, our matching algorithm selects candidates based on the job & transferable skills you’ve selected for your job post - essentially ‘Pre-Screening’ applicants prior to adding them to your dashboard. Secondly, the ability to ‘Send Invites’ to candidates allows you to initiate contact proactively getting the ball rolling. Finally - we’re niche. What does that mean? Everyone isn’t invited to our club (see previous reference lol) nor would they be interested in our creative caviar - we provide a very specific audience in a centralized location. The truth is you don’t need a million folks on a job board to snag a qualified hire - a tenth of that with pre-screened candidates being pulled from a central pool of skilled talent will get the job done.

Yeah, yeah - ok, but I feel safe with Indeed, Simplyhired, and the cool kids’. Do you really want to keep dealing with the same ‘Crazies’ that've been applying to your job posts? Are you looking for fresh new faces and qualified candidates that don’t lead a double-life? Looking to hire quickly and fill up a few important roles? If the answer is a resounding ‘YES!’ than get out of your comfort zone, put on ya’ big girl pants (not fat shaming just sayin' lol), and get on board!

We’re inviting all companies and organizations to join our Beta Program where all features and access to candidates will be absolutely FREE! What - really? Yep. We’re testing out the platform and need your valuable feedback, suggestions, and to the point critiques on how to improve. If you want to signup to our beta list before it fills up - GO HERE!

Look forward to you signing up!

Launching 2019!

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