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Actors - Access is Everything! Get Ya' Game Face On!

Content is king. Information is key. Gotta read, read, read! Early bird catches the worm. Alright enough already with all the darn quotes and cliches, but truth is truth, aka, ball don’t lie. Many an actor or performing artist have snagged an audition or booked the gig of a lifetime because they got the information FIRST.

Access is everything in the life of a performing artist. Makes perfect sense if you think about it. A talent agent ideally gives us access to auditions and opportunities that we would not normally be privy to. A manager provides talent not just access, but career insight, a personal support system, and helps guide them in the right direction.

So, what might be some strategies to ACCESS the info we need before a talent agent or manager is in the picture? Well, we have books - which provide tons of great information about the industry, but you gotta have time on your hands to actually read em’ lol. Oh, by the way - check out David Bottrell’s ‘Working Actor’ - solid read. Secondly, your network of influence (like-minded industry professionals, friends, and family) can hook you up with the latest producer, casting director, or manager to really get you going - only thing is you gotta do your DUE DILIGENCE, cuz there’s nothin’ worse then wasting your Sunday afternoon with a “Hollywood Producer’ that’s really a wannabe.

Last, but not least, a newsletter is an amazing tool and content aggregator that many performing artists should use to their advantage. Why you ask? Freekin’ awesome question. Easy. Signing up for a newsletter is low risk - if you don’t like it just unsubscribe. Only thing is, since YOU are the one that subscribed - I’m sure you find value in it. Probably the most attractive incentive when subscribing is that It’s a quick read - you can literally finish a newsletter in a quick 15-minute sitting before indulging in a bucket of hot fudge Haagen-dazs.

Between Gigs New York newsletter offers the works - castings, part-time job opportunities, our launch status, and some of the webs most awesome f@$!ckin gifs you’ve ever seen lol! Our intent is to save you valuable time by bringing the opportunities directly to you and of course bring a BIG OLE’ SMILE to your face while we’re at it. Signup now and let’s get this party started right!


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