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A Social Job Board for Performing Artists is Born in NYC

Connect. Hustle. Take Action.

So, exactly what is a social job board? Well..imagine if facebook and indeed had a really cute intelligent baby lol. Whaaaaaaaa? I know, that's basically the reaction that we've gotten at least 100 times and it's always a memorable moment.

Naturally, the question that follows is - but why? Ok, so let's break it down. NYC is a major market metropolitan area that provides performing artists the opportunity to live their creative dreams, display their talent on Broadway, hit-up several auditions a day with a pretty reliable public transportation system, and make money while doing what they love!

So, what's the problem? Easy. There's a million more actors and performing artists than actual jobs available resulting in a 30% + unemployment rate for the performing arts/entertainment industry (actually probably higher than that, but let's be nice lol). Two. New York City is expensive as heck. The cost of living has sky rocketed and it's pretty normal (even in a less than desirable neighborhood) to pay upwards of $1200 + for a neatly furnished shoebox or sharing it with 6 roommates (3 of which will eat everything in the fridge' with no regard). Three. Student loans suck - performing artists have an average loan debt of around $80, 000 and those pesky things have to be paid monthly or your credit might decide to jump off a cliff. Not good. Credit cards have become a life line for many artists and creatives looking to sustain on a monthly basis - so we really need to nurture those shiny rectangular things as much as possible.

How do we help? Between Gigs New York is a central hub for performing artists and actors looking for real results - especially when times get hard. Haven't booked in the last couple of months? Just choose the networking option where you're just looking to connect with fellow creatives and gain some referrals or industry insight.

Need a part-time or flexible job to keep the lights on while pursuing your career? Choose the job option, create a 30-60 intro video for employers and/or fellow creatives, and don't forget to retool your resume if you need to!

It's that simple.

We look forward to you joining our creative community - launching early 2019!

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